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Hello Friend! Tackling your BIG projects on your own can be overwhelming and time-consuming. I’m here to assist you through some of these projects so that you can focus on growing your business.

Printed Product Design

Looking to launch a physical, printed product? I can assist you in designing an undated planner, journal, or book. Here’s what this service includes:

  • Interior design of your printed product
  • Cover design of your printed product
  • Initial call to map out your project.
  • Additional call mid-way through the project to get your feedback
  • Suggestions on where to get the product printed.

TIMELINE: 1-2 months


Community Strategy

This is for entrepreneurs who are looking to create a solid structure for their online community. This service includes:

  • Kick off call to get clear on your community vision and goals
  • Platform Setup (Circle, Mighty Networks, Geneva)
  • Community Engagement Strategy
  • Community Content Strategy
  • Mapping Out Community Guidelines

TIMELINE: 1 month


90-Day Content Strategy

This is for the entrepreneur who needs a little help with creating their content marketing strategy. This service includes:

  • Kick-off call to discuss marketing goals.
  • Mapped out 90 Day content strategy which includes: 1 long-form content platform and 2 social media platforms.
  • Additional call to review content strategy

*Please be mindful that I will not be writing the content for you, but outlines will be provided*

TIMELINE: 3 months

INVESTMENT: $500/month

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