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The number one concern I receive from coaches and online service providers is “will working with clients burn me out? Will it be too time consuming? What will have to sacrifice?” My answer is, you’re the boss and you get to decide how and in what capacity you work with your clients. So today I wanted to talk about how to choose a service offer that fits your lifestyle.

Let’s talk about the three types of service offers: 1-on-1, group and VIP Days.


This is where you obviously work with a client on a 1-to-1 basis whether you are coaching or providing a service. This doesn’t mean that they are the only clients that you’re working with at the time, but when it comes to calls and interactions it will typically just be you and them. So they get more access to you.Who is 1-on-1 best for?

  • Those just starting out
  • Services that can’t be done in a group capacity (web designers, interior designers, etc)
  • Those working in more private industries (mindset, therapists, etc)

I started out with 1-on-1 coaching and im super thankful for it bc it gave me a chance to really dig into what my clients needed and what they were really struggling with outside of what they put on their questionnaire. it also gave me an opportunity to really test out my framework

Group Services

This is more typical for those who consider themselves to be coaches but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it work in another type of niche. Group offerings are great for:

  • those who have a proven framework
  • Those who are wanting to impact more people at the same time and leverage the power of community
  • Those who are working on limited time.
  • Those who are ready to scale

Im in group coaching right now through The Purpose To Service Academy.

VIP Days

You would typically spend one day with your client whether it be a few hours or a full day to work with them through coaching, or a specific project. Before I decided to shift my programs focus to service based entrepreneurs, i did a few VIP days to test out if it was really something that I was interested in doing as far as my big program went. These types of services are great if:

  • you’re wanting to work with clients at a limited capacity but at a higher rate
  • You are helping your client to solve a very specific problem
  • Not your main source of income

Those are the three most common types of service offers. The key here is to again, decide on an offer that is best going to fit your lifestyle. working with clients doesn’t have to suck up all of your time nor do you have to feel like you are forever tied to client work.Im a huge believer in building a business around the life you desire and not the other way around. Thats where a lot of people get hung up. They build these massive businesses without considering how that will reflect in their life. Then they are stuck burnout and unfulfilled.This is one of the key pieces that we teach inside of the purpose to service academy. How to take your knowledge and skill, turn that into an offer that fits the life you desire. All the way down to your launch and ongoing marketing strategy, how does that fit the life you want to live. If you’d like to join us, applications are now open!

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