Unsure if your service offer is ACTUALLY what your audience wants to buy?

Learn the top 3 strategies for validating your offer so that you’re not launching to crickets!

Does your audience REALLY want that offer you're selling?

In this free masterclass I’m going to walk you through the 3 top strategies for getting clear on your offers idea and how to make sure that you’re creating an offer that your audience is actually willing to pay for!

In this masterclass you will:


Narrow in on your one thing! You will learn how to get clear on the one problem you want your offer to solve for your specific audience.


The 3 simple yet transformative ways to validate your offer. You’ll walk away from this class knowing exactly how to get the answers you need straight from your audience.


Have a clear understanding of when to pivot or move forward. You’ll learn what to do with all of the data you have collected and your next steps you need to take.


I'm Alisha Robertson. Author, Business Coach & Founder of The Purpose To Service Academy

After experiencing severe burnout in my coaching business, I tore down everything that I thought I knew about entrepreneurship and rebuilt a business that allowed me to live the life that I desire. I now dedicate my work to helping overworked and overwhelmed coaches and online experts to build more sustainable & intentional businesses around the life they desire.

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