3 Tips For Balancing Business & Passion

Being able to turn something you are truly passionate about into a full on business is an amazing feeling! Seriously ya’ll, what’s better than getting paid to do something that you love?? But running a business is hard and extremely time consuming which often leads to forgetting to nurture your passion. But without passion, there is no business. I’ve gone through this with my shop and this blog before. I was so extremely focused on bettering my business, getting press and making money that I completely ignored my passion for creating jewelry and writing.I felt like my designs began to suffer and I wasn’t putting my all into the content over here that I normally would. That my friends is a terrible feeling. Luckily, I was able to figure out a few ways to not only run a business but continue to be passionate with what I do.

1. Set aside dedicated days just to brainstorm new ideas or to do business related things. This is especially helpful when you are doing EVERYTHING by yourself. While most of my days are spent doing a little bit of everything, I set aside a specific day where all I do is think of new ideas and create new pieces. I also set aside one day a  week when I won’t do anything but work on the business side of things, like pitching to bloggers, updating my budget and ordering new supplies.

2. When creativity hits, don’t stop it. Sometimes I can be in the middle of answering emails and creativity will hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ll finish up whatever email i’m on, say forget it to my to-do list and grab my notebook. Spurts of creativity don’t always last long and you never know when you may get a moment like that again. So when it hits take full advantage of it.

3. Remember why you started. Like I said, it is so easy to get caught up in the numbers and everything that surrounds running a business that it will literally suck you dry. When you begin to feel stressed and unmotivated, simply remember why you started. Think about all of the reasons why you fell in love with what you do, write it down and stick it everywhere!


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  • Running with spurts of creativity is something I have really been working on. I downloaded the Todoist app for my phone and browser so I can pop in blog post, business, or other ideas as they hit me. The biggest lesson I learned is NOT taking the time to write ish down right when it comes to mind. I’ve lost so many epic blog posts that way. 🙂

    • Ill have to check out that app! Yes I def learned my lesson of not writing stuff down! My memory is terrible so when something comes to me i have to write it down immediately!

  • Thanks for sharing such great tips. I for sure need to get more organized in order to do all that I am passionate about doing.

    (Found your blog through Shane)

    • Thank you so much for stopping by!!! Being organized is HUGE for me!

  • Hey Alisha! You’re right! It is so easy to get caught up on one end of the pendulum in regards to your business.. balance is key but a hard spot to always find! Thanks for the advice 🙂

    • Yes it took me forever to finally find my groove! Thank you!!

  • Wonderful post! As a fellow creative-preneur myself, I often find that I will drop EVERYTHING to simply grab my notebook and jot down random ideas. I’ve filled many notebooks os scribble, jargon, and, doodles of organized ideas and ways to improve my business. I totally agree with your list. I’ll be sure to check out Allison! Her blog looks so lovely and reminds me of the images and topics you find made for Pinterest.

    • Thank you so much!! Yes I have notebooks EVERYWHERE for when i have that random burst of inspiration! Def check her out! She’s one of my daily favs!

  • Love this! I love coming to your blog because you always give me excitement and passion in my little old business.


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