A Simple Launch Strategy For Your New Product Or Service

Picture this. You’ve been working hard for weeks. Busting your butt bringing this amazing new product to life. Recording and editing your videos and going through your written content over and over to make sure it’s oozing with value. You wreck your brain for days creating the copy for your sales page. And in your mind you just know this thing you’ve been working on is going to be incredible. The workbook you created is so beautiful that it deserves and award and you have an empty FB community waiting to be filled with impressed students. The big day comes, you hit publish and then…crickets. No one buys.

This can’t be right. You’ve worked hard and you know what you have to offer is going to help solve your audience’s biggest pain points. So why is no one buying? 

Well in the midst of you creating this flawless product, what you may have failed to create is the launch strategy to go along with it. For a long time I had the “If I build it, they will come mentality” and for a long time I sat there wondering just like you why no one was interested in what I had to offer. But it’s not that they aren’t interested. If you can offer the solution to someone’s biggest problem, they’ll always be interested and willing to buy. The issue is that no one actually knows that your new product or service exists. Yes you need to have something of value to offer but you also need a strategy in place that consistently tells your audience WHY they need your new product or service.

A profitable business doesn’t just happen out of thin air, it’s strategic. Unless you are Oprah, Gary Vee or Beyonce, you can’t just launch and sit back and watch people fight for your product. You need a strategy. 

So how do you create a launch strategy for your products or services?

1. CHOOSE YOUR launch length

When are you wanting to launch or relaunch this offering? First and foremost, set a date and write it on your calendar so that you have given yourself a deadline to meet. Depending on what you’re creating and the cost of what your offering, your launch strategy can last anywhere from 2 weeks to an entire month or more. If you’re launching a product or service with a higher price tag, your audience may need a little more convincing. Thus a longer launch strategy should be put into place. For the sake of this blog post, we’ll focus on a simple launch strategy that you can put into place for 2 weeks and add on to if necessary.

“if you want your new product to succeed, you absolutely need a launch strategy”


The key to a great launch strategy is to educate your audience as much as possible on your products topic. Lets use this blog post for example. This post and every piece of content I’m creating this month is about making money through your online business. I’m using my content to educate you about monetizing your brand to build up momentum that will lead me into launching a new class I have coming up on creating passive income. If you were launching something like a new web design service, the content you create  should educate your audience on topics like how to choose the right designer, why they need to hire a designer instead of going the diy route or how to begin creating their visual brand. 

The types of content you can create to educate your audience can be but not limited to:

  • Blog posts

  • Guests posts on someone else’s blog (to help you expand your audience)

  • Webinars (where you can actually pitch your new offering at the end)

  • 5 Day email course or challenge (where you can mention and pitch your product through out)

  • Video (This can be of info you’re providing, tech tutorials or interviews)

  • Live Video (FB Live, Periscope, etc)

  • Podcasts (Yours or be interviewed on someone else’s)

  • Social Media (Not limited to Twitter chats and relevant FB Groups)

  • Email marketing (essential to any launch plan)

The key here is to consistently provide your audience with value before hitting them with the hard pitch. Of course, you will also want to warm your audience up and let them know that you will be launching a new offering soon by finding different ways to mention your product throughout your content. Give 3x more than you expect to receive. If your free content is amazing and you’re solving their problems, your audience will have no problem investing in you.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you’re launching a new workshop that shows creatives how to begin making money from their blog. Some of the content you could create would be:


  • How to set up your blog in Squarespace

  • 10 Ways You Can Make Money Blogging

  • The Mistakes Bloggers Make When Turning Their Blog Into A Business

  • Case Study: How Casey Made $4000 From Her Blog In One Month

5 Day Free Email Course

  • Blog To Business: 5 Days Of Turning Your Blog Into A Profitable Brand (You would mention and pitch your product throughout this free email sequence)


  • How To Create Content That Sells (Add in a product pitch to your audience at the end of the webinar OR you can choose not to pitch and just use this as another piece of added value)


  • Personal Case Study: How I Turned My Hobby Blog Into A Six Figure Business

  • The One Thing You Can Do Right Now To Begin Making Money From Your Blog & Open Up Pre-Sale

  • How To Prep Your Audience For Your Transition From Blogger To Business Owner

  • Case Study: How Anna Turned Her Craft Blog Into A Paying Business + Last Day Of Pre-Sales

You don’t necessarily, need to include all of the different types of content we mentioned above into your launch strategy. I would suggest mixing it up though so that you’re not solely focusing on just blog posts or just video. Also, emailing those subscribed to your list is a non-negotiable in any launch strategy. Thats where you get to personally tell your audience that you have something to offer and why they actually need it.


The next step is for you to go through your content and get it outlined. I’ve tried to create my launch content in the middle of me actually launching and while also trying to put the finishing touches on my product and it stressed me out! The reason I believe most people become so overwhelmed during their launch is because they are trying to do everything at one time instead of simply planning ahead. Outlining your content before hand frees up more time for you to work on your new product and be present for your audience as well.

I use the Pocket Content Planner for all of my outlining.

Also, go ahead and add your content into your schedule so that you know exactly when what needs to be live on your site and on other platforms. I use the Ultimate Monthly Business Planner for all of my content and product launches but if you’re more of a tech person then Asana is amazing as well!

As I mentioned before, this simple strategy would be perfect for a 2-week launch but if you want something a little longer, all you have to do is add more value (a.k.a more content) to your strategy to fill it out some.

ACTION STEP: Take one product that you hope to relaunch or a product that you will be launching soon and take some time to put together your launch strategy.

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