Confidently build your
coaching or service based business without sacrificing the life you

Learn exactly how to go from overworked and overwhelmed to launching your signature offer and serving your clients with less stress and more intention

feeling stuck

There are 6 major roadblocks that may be holding you back right now

  1. You are unsure of how to package up your genius in a way that is clear enough for your audience to buy.
  2. You haven’t taken the time out to nurture your audience which leaves you launching to crickets.
  3. You’ve been spreading yourself thin by trying to create & market a ton of different offers in hopes of it increasing your chances of making more money.
  4. You keep underpricing yourself for the sake of being affordable to everyone.
  5. You are unclear of what your personal non-negotiables are and struggle to set boundaries around your clients which probably means you may be close to hitting burnout.
  6. You’ve been creating all the content and doing all the strategies but you’re still not booking consistent clients.

Relatable, right?

guess what?

Change is Possible

Imagine being able to flawlessly package up your God-given gifts and knowledge into one signature service offer and confidently serve your clients without overwhelm.

be honest, how would your life and business be different if you could…

The Purpose To Service Academy


The Purpose To Service Academy was created to guide established coaches and service based entrepreneurs through each step of launching their signature service offer and delivering an incredible client experience with less stress and more intention.

What Will You Accomplish?

The Purpose To Service Academy combines the benefits of both online course and group coaching. Through our 12 months together you will walk through our five step signature framework called, The Purpose To Service Method. (click through the steps below)

Little Love notes

Hear what our awesome clients have to say about being a part of The Purpose To Service Academy!

Meet Abriana | blackunicorncreative.com

Since joining P2S, I have received so much clarity in my direction and my message. Knowing that mindset is a continual process, I realized what I was capable of and felt like the academy gave me permission to pursue this goal. I love the calls and sense of community the academy brings. The resources provided in the curriculum are quite literally the blueprint and I remind myself often to look there first instead of Googling. Every time I have found what I was looking for in the academy and saved so much time and stress.

Meet Bria | bybrialynn.com

Since joining the academy, I feel more confident in my business! I feel like the things I am working towards now are actually moving things forward vs. feeling stagnant. Though I have products, the way I service my customers with those products is with a signature process that Alisha helped me tap into more. She helped me realize how to think beyond my one product & how I can grow/scale with more products intentionally!

You Should Sit With Us


  • Supportive Community. You’ll have full access to our private community of supportive women who are ready to cheer you on.  (Psst..we’re not on Facebook)
  • Personalized Feedback. As you’re walking through the Purpose To Service course, you can submit your homework & get personalized feedback from me!
  • Weekly Community Events. Enjoy member Hot Seat Calls, Bi-Weekly group coaching sessions and  community Co-Working sessions.
  • Full Course Library. In addition to our signature Purpose To Service Course, you also have full access to all of our brand building courses and workshops for extended learning.
  • Swipe Copy. All of the email copy and templates you need to accelerate your growth.
  • Welcome Kit. Receive our branded welcome kit which includes a physical copy of the course workbook, mini journal and more!
  • Get Rewarded. Inside, we reward you for doing the work & showing up! Earn points and badges which can be cashed in for swag and private coaching calls.

hey friends!

I’m Alisha Robertson


Entrepreneurship is hard af! But running a successful business while also prioritizing rest, your mental health or the people you love can often feel damn near impossible. After years of hustling non-stop and putting my mental health on the back burner, I hit a serious case of burnout that left me stuck and questioning my idea of success.

Today, I am focused on helping overwhelmed women entrepreneurs to break the cycle of stress and burnout.

Will this be the right fit for you?

The Purpose To Service Academy isn’t for everyone and that’s ok! Here are some of the qualities we believe would get the most out of this program.


  • You’re an established coach or service provider (at least eight months in business) who is ready to create or revamp their signature offer.
  • You’re ready to get down to work and implement the strategies needed to see real results.

  • You’re ready and also able to make the necessary investment into the program.
  • You’re tired of playing small and allowing fear to hold you back from making a bigger impact in the world.

  • You want to learn how to bring in consistent clients and how to sell in a way that doesn’t make you feel like a creep.


  • You want to dive into entrepreneurship but you have no clue what type of business to start.
  • You think that simply investing in a coach will guarantee you success.

  • You’re not ready/willing to devote the time needed to actually do the work, engage in the community and implement what you’ve learned.

  • You’re not willing to step outside of your comfort zone to try new strategies or techniques.

  • You’re just looking for a way to make quick money instead of a bigger impact.

The Only Thing Standing Between You And The Success You Desire Is Taking

Applications for The Purpose To Service Academy are currently closed. Sign up for the waitlist now to be the first to know when applications open and to receive special early bird perks!

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Frequently Asked Questions –

The Academy is for established coaches and service providers (at least one year in business) who are needing help with creating and launching their signature service offer

The information in the program will be perfect for coaches, consultants, freelancers or anyone looking to package up their knowledge and teach their clients how to do what they do in a one-on-one or group coaching capacity or provide their clients with a tangible end result.

Integrity is a huge core value within my company. Therefore, I don’t want you to invest in the program if I don’t fully believe that you are ready or that you will have the best return on investment. 

No, the program does not come with one-on-one time with me. But I am extremely active within the community and am always there to answer your questions. I also encourage members to chime into any questions as well so that you can get feedback from different perspectives. 

This program is going to be best for those who have been in business at least a year and have a clear understanding of who and what they want to focus on.

No. When joining the program you are agreeing to a 12 month commitment. The monthly payment plan is simply an option for those who are unable to pay in full.

Building a successful business takes time. Just imagine what you can tackle if you spent a solid year getting support through the entire process of launching your offer and setting up your business to attract clients on a consistent basis.

You can set your own schedule! But at the minimum, I suggest committing at least 5 hours a week (or one hour a day) implementing what you learn and joining the live calls

  • The Sweet Spot Exercise: For helping you gain clarity around your brands focus
  • Branding For Creatives: To help you build a solid foundation.
  • Mindset Reset: Will help you push past any fears or limiting beliefs
  • Content That Converts: A step by step guide to creating incredible, consistent content
  • Feel Good Marketing: How to craft a consistent marketing strategy
  • Email Marketing 101: How to consistently build and grow your email list (coming soon)
  • The Art of Podcasting: How to create and launch your podcast

Sure! Just email Alisha at hello@thealishanicole.com

Choose your path and get started

Applications for The Purpose To Service Academy are currently closed. Sign up for the waitlist now to be the first to know when applications open and to receive special early bird perks!

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See you inside?


I believe that you have a God-given gift that needs to be shared with the world. I know you’re ready to stop holding back. Ready to stop playing small. And ready to provide your clients with an incredible experience. 

But you may be feeling stuck. Unsure of where to start or even afraid of what the outcome could be. Trust me, you’re not alone. My promise to you is to provide you with the resources, feedback and community you need to launch your offer out into the world, gain consistent clients and build a business around the life you desire.

All I ask is that you make a commitment to yourself to show up (even when its hard), take advantage of all of the resources  and keep an open mind over the next 12 months!

alisha robertson

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