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My mission is to help women like you to turn your God-given purpose into your signature service offer and serve your clients in a way that doesn’t sacrifice the life you desire.

I believe that you can have a thriving business without burning out

A few years ago I was building the business of my dreams. I was operating in my purpose, making good money and working with my dream clients. Everything was working exactly how I wanted it to…or so I thought.

While growing my company I found myself trying to keep up with the “Joneses”, opting into marketing strategies that didn’t fit my personality and ultimately striving for someone else’s idea of success.

I was overworked, overwhelmed & completely exhausted. The only way I knew how to get myself out of the burnout, was to completely tear down everything that I thought I knew about entrepreneurship and start from scratch.

I’ve been so blown away at how much amazing content and courses are available. Alisha is so generous with her time and available.

purpose to service member

Group 37

So I completely started over & did it my way.

I decided to ultimately take a step back and get crystal clear on what I wanted, who I wanted to serve and how I could help them while tapping into my own zone of genius.

After months of planning, praying and strategizing, my mission became clear. I wanted to dedicate my work to not only helping coaches like you to create your signature service that you could build your entire brand around but also teach you how to avoid the mistakes I made Which meant coaching you through how to serve your clients without the stress, long nights or exhaustion.

From there, The Purpose To Service Academy (formerly known as The LOE Collective) was born!

I’m not only proud of the work that I get to do and the women that I get to impact but I’m also proud that I have built a business that allows me to also prioritize what’s important to me in my personal life. I’m a wife and mom first. When I’m not coaching the ladies inside of my community, I can be found hanging out with my beautiful family, catching up on reality tv or digging into a new book!

I wanted a business that fueled the life that I desired...so I built one.

In a Nutshell


I pride myself on being “your homegirl who just so happens to be able to get your business together” so here’s some random facts about me!

currently sustained by

salmon & loaded baked potatoes

on my nighstand

a journal, my glasses, a book & water

on repeat

My Feel Good music playlist

dream vacation

wherever there isn’t a global pandemic happening

never say no to

A TRIP TO target

number one fan


5 Steps to a simpler, sustainable business

In this free roadmap, The Purpose To Service Method, I walk you through my 5 step framework for how to simplify your business by creating & launching your signature offer!

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