How Do I Qualify Potential Clients?

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Welcome back to another Mondays with Alisha episode! If you have been getting clients signing up for your program or booking calls with you but it seems like they are never quit the right fit, in this week’s episode Im going to chat about how to Qualify Your Clients!

I’m Alisha Roberts, author, business coach and founder of The Purpose To Service Academy! A 12 month group coaching program for overworked and overwhelmed coaches and online service providers who want to put all of their focus on their signature offer and serve their clients with less stress and more confusion!I live by the saying “all money aint good money” I fully believe that just because people are willing to pay you, doesn’t mean that they are going to be a good fit. While I know making money is a big deal, working with clients who are just going to stress us out or who may not be ready for your offer is going to be bad for business.

As a coach or online service provider, you want to work with people who actually need what you have to offer, who are ready to work with you, who are going to take your time together seriously and who are able to pay your rate.One of the biggest reasons why a lot of us end up burnt out is because we’re working with clients who are draining us instead of working with people who are excited to be on the journey you’re taking them through. Taking on a client who we know for a fact isnt a good fit just isnt worth your sanity. But the good news is, there are several ways for you to qualify your potential clients before they even get to the point of reaching out to you or making their first payment.So lets talks about those ways!


The reason why you hear so many people say that you need to get super clear on who it is that you want to work with is because that’s who you want to create your content around. Your content is one of the best ways to attract and lead people to your paid offer so from the very beginning of them working with you, they must know exactly who it is that you help! So when creating content whether that be through social media, podcast, youtube, newsletters, you need to be speaking to that one person.

This is one of the things that I am working on now as I am shifting my brand to focus more on established coaches and service providers. Instead of talking so much about branding and messaging things that beginners would be looking for, Im talking more about how to continue building your business after you have established it!If your signature offer is for people who need to be a mom of at least 5 years then you shouldnt be creating content for first time moms of a newborn. Make sure your content leads into your offer being the best next step.Now that doesnt mean that you can never create content that can prepare people to work with you but the majority of your content should be for those you want to work with.


Similar to your content, your sales page needs to speak directly to the person that you are wanting to work with and should be even more specific than the content that you are creating. Here is where you need to make it clear and say this is who my offer is for and this is who it isnt for. I can guarantee you that if you’re getting clients who dont seem like a good fit, its because your sales page is unclear. There is some sort of disconnect happening to where those who may not be quit ready are slipping through the cracks.

One of the ways to make that connection better is to repeat the problems or the areas of focus that your clients or audience are telling you that they are needing help with. If your potential client is always saying how they feel like lack of time is holding them back, then work that into your sales page and show them how your program can help solve that problem. Seriously keep a list of all of those hesitations that you hear come up and work that into your sales page. It’s a great way for your potential client to think “wow, she is really talking to me!”


If you’re selling a four figure and up offer or really any type of offer that is going to require you to work with your clients on a 1:1 or group basis, then I can’t stress enough how important it is to qualify your clients first through a sales call or application process. Why? Because before someone gives you their money, it is another opportunity for you to make sure that they are going to be a good fit. I operate in integrity so if someone completes an application for my program and i truly don’t feel like they would be able to benefit from it, i can point them to another resource or someone else who may be a better fit before we even get to the point of making a payment. The last thing I want is for someone to join my program and realize that its not for them or that they weren’t quite ready for it.

For a sales call, before even getting to the point of hopping on a call with someone, you should be sending out some sort of questionnaire that pre-qualifies them. So asking things like what they are needing help with, their goals and if they are ready to make the financial and time investment. Typically I can tell from that questionnaire if they are a good fit or not. And if not, I usually shoot them an email saying that im cancelling the call and give them some other resources to utilize. No point in wasting either of your time if they are not ready!

Those are the 3 ways to qualify your potential clients! If you’ve been getting inquiries but feel like the quality of client just isnt there, then that means you’re doing something right on the marketing side, you know how to lead people to your offer, you just need to refine it a bit to get the right people to your offer! Remember all money isnt good money no matter how good it looks. There is no point in taking on clients who are going to not get the best results or who are going to make you miserable our entire time together.

Inside of The Purpose To Service Academy i walk you through this entire process of how to qualify your potential clients and how to set that up within your offer! And also how to have those sales conversations on your sales calls! To learn more, head over to to complete the quick application!

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