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This week is super exciting because I just opened the doors to our new Purpose To Service Accelerator program which is a 6-month hybrid group coaching program where I will coach you through the process of creating and launching your 4-figure service offer and building your stress free customer experience plan. It’s a super high touch program where you will have full access to me and my brain and an incredible community throughout your launch and even beyond that!

At the beginning of this year I recorded a huge episode all about my recent rebrand and the reasoning behind it. And i also mentioned how I rebranded our community from The LOE Collective to what is now The Purpose To Service Academy! So with the launch of our new accelerator program, I wanted to share more about what the academy is all about and how it is going to help you to grow your coaching or service based business.

First, What is The  Purpose To Service Academy?

It’s a hybrid membership program and six month accelerator program for coaches and service based entrepreneurs who need help with creating or revamping their signature offer, creating a solid launch strategy and learning how to serve their clients with less stress and more intention. I built this program based around my 5-step signature framework called The Purpose To Service Method that I have been taking my clients through for the past 7ish years! 

The transformation that you will receive after going through the academy is being able to turn your idea or maybe an existing offer into a 4-figure signature service that your ideal clients actually want to buy and that you can build your entire brand around, learn how to effortlessly market your one offer to get clients consistently and build your business around the life you desire. I know you’ve heard me share my story before about how I hit burnout, so outside of making sure you’re creating and launching an incredible offer, im also making sure that we’re working on your client experience strategy so that you can wow your clients consistently without burning yourself out!


The best part about the academy is that you get to choose your own adventure! Meaning you can choose to either join the membership or apply to be in the accelerator. 

The membership is more of a DIY option and is best for those who either want to go through the purpose to service course at their own pace or for those who are still needing to take some time building their brand and their audience before they launch. So in addition to the purpose to service course, you also have access to our course library which includes courses on creating content, building your brand, marketing and more!

The accelerator is for those who already have an established brand and audience and are looking for a more high touch coaching experience. So you either have an idea for your signature offer that you need help mapping out and launching or you have an existing offer that you need to revamp and relaunch! This is again a six month program where you will go through the course and also have bi-weekly group coaching sessions with me. You’ll be given assignments throughout the course and I’ll be providing you with feedback on every single piece of it. You’ll also receive templates from me, swipe copy for your launch emails and more! So the accelerator is more of an in depth super high touch coaching experience which is why i require you to already have an established brand and audience before hand because we dive right into putting together your offer.


I mentioned its best for coaches and service based entrepreneurs but lets dive a little deeper into the type of services the women in the academy are currently offering! We have: 

  • Brooklyn who offers home organization services
  • Lynda who offers book publishing services
  • Abriana who is a business coach to those in the horse industry
  • Wilma who helps her audience with their end of life planning
  • Tessa who works with high level CEOs on better managing their time and projects

So so many incredible service based women are getting great results from this program! So its not just for business coaches or coaches in general! But i also want to mention it’s going to be best for those who are ready to do the work. Im talking despite fear, despite being pushed out of their comfort zone, they are ready to see a real transformation in their life. I love you all, but i dont want to work with you if you need to be talked into showing up for yourself. And I say that because i love you. I build my business with integrity and i dont want to take your money if you’re not going to do what you paid to do. So if you’re like ok alisha this is the year that is top playing small and invest in my goals, then this is the program for you!


I know that there are a lot of people selling false hope out there and promising that if you join their program that you’ll make six figures over night. That’s not me. But I can stand behind the fact that yes this program is worth the money…if you do the work. And i just dont say that because its my program but because im seeing the results and the transformations that are happening with the ladies inside of the academy. Women are crushing their sales calls, taking their businesses full-time, finally launching the idea they’ve been sitting on out into the world. But again, they are winning because they keep showing up for themselves.

I promise to be there to coach you and to provide you with all of the resources and trainings you need but you have to promise me to show up for yourself as well.

Not to mention, if you book ONE client at $1000 you’ll pay for a year int he membership and if you book two clients at $1500 you’ll have made back what you invested into the accelerator. One or two clients to make back your entire investment!

Alright, dont forget that apps are now open for the accelerator! Our first call will be happening on 2/24 so get your application in now if you want to join us for our kick off call! Also, for a limited time, all approved applicants will receive a 30min strategy call with me where we’ll go over your goals for th next six months, create some steps you’ll need to take and also go over any mindset hurdles you may be facing!

To learn more, head to!

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