4 Lessons I’ve Learned In 2020 and What I’m Looking Forward To

In our final podcast episode of 2020 I share the 4 biggest lessons I’ve learned this year in both my life and business. I also give a little peek into what I am most excited about as we move into the new year!

hey friends!

I’m Alisha Robertson


Entrepreneurship is hard af! But running a successful business while also prioritizing rest, your mental health or the people you love can often feel damn near impossible. After years of hustling non-stop and putting my mental health on the back burner, I hit a serious case of burnout that left me stuck and questioning my idea of success.

Today, I am focused on helping overwhelmed women entrepreneurs to break the cycle of stress and burnout.

5 Steps to a simpler, sustainable business

In this free roadmap, The Purpose To Service Method, I walk you through my 5 step framework for how to simplify your business by creating & launching your signature offer!

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