4 Lessons I’ve Learned In 2020 and What I’m Looking Forward To

In our final podcast episode of 2020 I share the 4 biggest lessons I’ve learned this year in both my life and business. I also give a little peek into what I am most excited about as we move into the new year!

hi loves!

I’m Alisha Robertson


After years of hustling non-stop and doing everything that I thought would make me successful, I hit a serious case of burnout that left me stuck and questioning everything that I thought was true about running a successful business. 

Today, I have dedicated my work to helping women service based business owners who desire to be more intentional with the way that they run their business and serve their clients. 

Nurture, Package, Launch!

In this free guide, I walk you through the Purpose To Service Method, my 5 step framework for creating and launching your signature service offer.

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