4 Launch Mistakes To Avoid As A Coach or Online Service Provider

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If you’re getting ready to launch your offer or if your launches in the past haven’t gone the way you hoped, this episode is for you!

If you’re new here I’m Alisha…

So I have launched a lot of things in my past 9 years of entrepreneurship. From courses, to challenges, one on one services and group programs. Some launches have been great while others have failed miserably. Like bad! But with each of those launches, I have made to sure to document the process so that when I was ready to launch again, I could go back to my previous launch and see what worked and also what didnt work.

Over the past few years there have been a lot of mistakes that I have made but 4 of those have really stood out the most and thats what I wanted to talk to you about today! The 4 launch mistakes that you should avoid!

MISTAKE #1: Not planning ahead. Launching is hard. It can be overwhelming and exhausting and the reason why a lot of people don’t have successful launches is because they get so overwhelmed to the point where they give up mid way through. The key to having a stress free launch is to plan ahead as much as possible.

Inside of The Purpose To Service Academy, when we talk about launches we add in a 2 month buffer before the actual launch so that you can spend time planning, getting content written and scheduled and also nurturing your audience. The biggest difference between the launches where I’ve gotten 5 new clients and the ones where I’ve gotten 20 new clients have been because I planned a head of time and had everything scheduled so that during my launch I wasn’t frazzled or stressed and I could focus more on showing up and answering questions.

MISTAKE #2: Not nurturing your audience. Believe it or not, your launch begins way before your cart actually opens up! Those months prior to launching should be spent nurturing your audience, getting them in the right mind frame to be ready to purchase your offer and getting them to sign up for your waitlist. I love you but you are not Beyonce sis. Many of us can’t drop a new offer out of the sky with no notice and expect to exceed our expectations. The months prior to launching again should be used to address any potential objections or hesitations, to talk about your offer and what they can expect and get them to show interest by signing up for your waitlist.

MISTAKE #3: YOU’RE INCONSISTENT. Sending out one email saying “Hey, I have this new thing available come buy from me!” Isn’t going to be enough. Even with a good waitlist, they need to be reminded several times that your offer is available and how it will benefit them. I’ve talked to so many coaches and service providers who are upset that their launch didn’t go as planned and when i start asking them what they did they are like “Well i sent out two emails and wrote a blog post.” That isnt enough!

Your audience is very busy and our attention spans just as humans are very short. Which means you need to consistently find ways to remind them that you offer is available. That can be through consistent emails, social media, live video, your main content platforms. You should be consistent like this all the time but during your launch is when you specifically need to ramp it up!

One of the great benefits of being inside of The Purpose To Service Academy is that we give you your launch strategy, calendar and content ideas so that you know what exactly needs to go live when so there is no more guessing, no more saying you dont know what to say, we legit give you the outline of everything you need to stay consistent during your launch. And it can be rinsed and repeated over again!.

MISTAKE #4: YOU’RE TOO FOCUSED ON THE FEATURES. This is where I even get hung up sometimes. The features of your offer are sexy and often more fun to talk about. You know the pretty workbook that you’re going to give your new clients, or all of the swipe copy they’ll get or all of the coaching sessions they will have. Those are easier to talk about because we believe that that is what provides more value and that is what will make people want to buy from us. But that isn’t true.

Your audience wants to know how your offer is going to benefit them and how is it going to change their life. They want to know more about the transformation. What will their life or situation look like after they have worked with you? The benefits are what sells, the features are just the extra icing in the cake! Inside of the academy we walk you through how to turn your audiences pain points into benefits so that when you

Re having those conversations with them, you know how to speak to the transformation that they are looking for.

BONUS: THERE IS NO FACETIME. Services are a lot more intimate than other types of business models because your audience is working directly with you in many cases. One of the biggest mistakes we can make as coaches or as service providers is hiding behind our social posts or hiding behind our blog posts and not giving our audience the opportunity to connect with us visually. One of the best ways to do that is through video. This year I committed to showing up here on live every Monday and also revamping my youtube channel because video does build trust. 

And when investing in a four figure or five figure service, your audience wants to know who they are giving their money too and want to feel comfortable giving their money to someone they feel like they know personally. If you have been hesitant or worried about putting your face on camera, I promise you it is worth it!

Those are the 5 launch mistakes that you should be avoiding! Launching takes time, it takes focus and not all of them will go as planned. But if you can commit to avoiding these mistakes then I promise you will begin seeing better results each time you put yourself out there!

Your next step: I recently announced that The Purpose To Service Academy was shifting from a membership community to a 12-month group coaching program! Because of that change and all of the added value that is being introduced, the price to join will be doubling on Monday! So you have exactly one week to join the program at the current rate! If you’re a coach or service provider who is feeling completely overwhelmed with effectively launching your offer, figuring out how to get consistent clients or serving your clients in a way that wont lead to stress or burnout then the Purpose To Service Academy is for you! Head to purposetoservice.co to learn more or click the link in  my bio!

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  • Hey Alisha, great read. The rate of online coaches failing everyday is massive, which is why articles like this are important. This is something that should be talked about more and all these tips are great and should be considered by everyone in this niche. Thanks for sharing this with us. Cheers!


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