2017: The Year of Purpose and Community

I have been spending the past few weeks trying to figure out the perfect words to describe 2016 and whats expected for the new year. At the beginning of December I made the risky decision to step back in my business in order to figure out what I really wanted out of the brand and to also get a jump start on planning for 2017. What I thought would just be a month of plotting, planning and reflection turned into a month of clarity and confirmation.

For the longest I felt there needed to be a shift made in myself and how I run my business but I could never quite put my finger on what needed to change. I’d take new photos, switch up my colors and choose a new layout but I kept feeling like I wasn’t doing enough. So instead of doing it on my own, which is often my downfall, I decided to pray. I began reading the Greater devotional by Steven Furtick and in the process I asked God for clarity as to what needed to be changed in the way I do business. Of course it became clear to me that it wasn’t what was on the surface that needed to change. It was my faith and mindset.

I didn’t need more followers, different colors or the perfect Instagram feed. I needed to truly believe that I could use my platform for God’s glory and that he could do greater with what I currently have. He was what was missing and I needed to truly make him apart of this big vision Im building on instead of trying to do it all on my own.

A few months I ago I mentioned wanting to incorporate more of my faith into my brand but honestly I was hesitant. The first time I mentioned God in my newsletter I lost over 30 subscribers and it felt like a punch too the chest. I was sharing my truth (honestly one of my best newsletters) and I couldn’t help but to think it wasn’t well received. But after going through this month of prayer and asking for clarity, I know that I cant impact the lives of women like I want to without sharing my journey. And my journey through Christ is a major part of who I am. Along with a few changes and additions that will be made within the brand this year, Im excited to share more of who I am while helping you live and create your business on purpose. For 2017 I will be focusing everything I do around…

purpose & community

I want to step deeper into pursuing what I feel called todo while helping women through self-development and building their business. I also want to focus on community. I want to be as transparent as possible with my story to really build your trust and I want to get to know you while also providing you with the resources you really need to live your life to the fullest and take your brand to the next level.

Here’s a few things I have planned for this year!


I took some time to sort of stalk my audience to see what some of their biggest pain points were and to see what they needed most from me. To my surprise, I saw a lot of you mention that you wanted business resources that were created with beginners in mind. You would love to eventually make $100,000 in your brand but in your current stage you really just need to basics to help you get to $100 or $1000. So I plan to create just that with my content. Easy to digest, understandable advice and strategies that creatives can implement even if they are just starting out. 


A good chunk of December was spent creating my new one-on-one coaching service! While I absolutely adore coaching creative women, I felt like there were a few gaps in my process and in my offering which sometimes made coaching feel more like a job instead of something that I genuinely loved. So I sat down (for multiple days) and completely revamped my main coaching package. The 90 Day Blueprint not only allows me to spend more time working with clients individually but instead of simply getting my clients started on the right path like my previous offering, we walk through every single step of building up their online presence and launching their first product or service! I wish I would have had someone to hold my hand and to lean on when I first started this brand so Im excited that this new offering will be just that!

If you’re interested in working with me one-on-one in 2017, I encourage you to schedule a free 30-minute “meet me” session to see if we’d be a good fit together!


I 100% understand that not everyone is in a position to invest in coaching and that you made need a little more guidance than what you can receive from a blog post or video. So my goal for the first quarter of 2017 is to build up an online shop of affordable (ranging between $15-$60) classes, ebooks and workbooks to help you take your brand up a notch. If you have any resources in mind that you would like to see offered, please let me know!


I mentioned before that one of my main focuses for 2017 is “community”. When I first started my FB group I honestly had no clue what I was doing, I just knew that i wanted to get like-minded creatives together to brainstorm with, offer support and simply get to know each other. Building a business can be lonely if you keep to yourself so i wanted to create a space where other creatives felt like they had someone to talk to that truly understands. With that being said, the original name just wasn’t working. It was cute but didn’t really feel like a “community” to me. So I have renamed my group to The Intentional Boss. I feel it is fitting for not only where the brand is headed but it also describes the people who I want to attract and who are also already in the group. We’re all just wanting to fully use the gifts we have been given while also turning it into a solid stream of income.

I’m also excited to get more active in the group than I have been with weekly FB Live sessions and updated daily prompts!


This is the first time Ive really mentioned this on my blog and have only chatted with a few of my business friends in the past about it but I took some time in December to write out the outline for my 2nd book. And while I am 100% terrified, this has been on my heart to do for a really long time now and it’s getting to the point where I cant ignore the urge. My first book, The Blogpreneur was more about strategy and it was built around content that I had previously created. This book, is so much deeper and focuses on a lot of the mental blocks that stops creative entrepreneurs. It’s forcing me to share stories that are uncomfortable to re-live, digging back into old journals and doing a lot of research as to what stops women from pursuing their dreams outside of simply not knowing where to start. I don’t have a specific launch date for it just yet but I am aiming for this summer. And just like I did with The Blogpreneur I’ll be taking you along with me through each step.

All in all what i want for you friend in 2017 is for you to fully put your all into making your dreams come true. I want you to dream bigger than you ever have before and truly believe that this year is in fact “your year”. I read somewhere that 2017 is the year of new beginnings and I really believe that this year is going to be transformational for us in so many positive ways. If you’re interested in chatting more about my plans for the new year, your goals or just business and life in general, hop over into my FB Community!

Cheers to an incredible year! xo, Alisha

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