3 Signs It’s Time To Take A Step Back From Your Business

For the past few months, whenever I am asked my story, I always say that I was supposed to start an online shop (fail the first time & then get it right the second time around) just so that I could discover my passion and purpose for being a business coach to creative woman.

The adrenaline and energy that I feel when I hit publish on a helpful blog post and when I’m on my coaching calls is undeniable. Not to mention that speaking about business and blogging is one of the very few topics that brings me out of my comfort zone and will have me talking your head off (I even just applied for my first speaking opportunity as a business coach!). And lately, all of my time, energy and money has been going back into making T.A.N better. It’s so crazy to think that selling a few things I loved online has turned into all of this but I am forever grateful for the experiences and what I’ve been able to accomplish.

Which brings me to my next thought. I feel like my purpose has been served with Early August. I am still extremely in love with it & the brand that I have built but right now I must follow what I am being called to do, which is coaching and teaching. I am still very passionate about e-commerce and making a profitable living selling physical products online but no longer doing it myself. Even down to making jewelry. I still create about 50% of the shops inventory by hand but I love having it as a creative outlet right now & not as a full-time business.

 I recently wrote a post on focus and mentioned the Tyler Perry video where he talks about planting too many “seeds”. At that time I was feeling like none of what I was doing was getting the attention that it deserved and even after praying on it, hiring an intern to help out with the work load and trying to recharge my passion, my heart was still being pulled in this direction. 

That’s the thing about your purpose. No matter how much you try to deny it or downplay it to make it seem like it’s not as big as it really is, it’s impossible to ignore.

This was extremely hard for me to admit & I debated on not even saying anything for a really long time.. As a blogger who has been extremely open about her business journey and who aims to inspire women to create these amazing online businesses, it’s hard to come up here and admit to when you feel like your life is shifting. It’s not that I’m giving up or that I didnt try hard enough but that I know I am being called to do so much more. And that my friends is not something I am in a position to argue with nor be ashamed about.

I’m not 100% sure what I will ultimately do about Early August but for right now the shop is currently on vacation. The upside to all of this though is that although some thing things come to an end it also comes with bringing new things to life! I’m excited to be releasing my first book that will come with a few options to work with me directly, an e-course, new coaching packages and a few other goodies that I have coming of my newsletter subscribers! Cutting off one of my main streams of income I wont lie is scary but I feel good, happy and most importantly I feel fulfilled! And I know that with taking this leap nothing but great things will come.

For me I know that going back and forth with whether I should stick with this business or step back for a little while was extremely confusing. And while I can’t make that choice for you, if you are in the same boat as I was here are a few reasons why it may be best to step back for a little while.


If you’re doing something that you truly love, you should wake up every morning excited to work. Not saying that you shouldn’t have your off days or days where you just feel drained but you definitely shouldn’t be waking up most mornings dreading to hop on your computer or create something new. The reason why we take the leap into entrepreneurship is so that we can live the life that we’ve always dreamed about. If you feel like your business is no longer in line with your dream and purpose, then it may be time to step back.


Overwhelm is a normal feeling in any business but when it becomes so frequent and nearly unbearable then you know something is wrong. For me, the littlest things like taking a simple picture for Instagram began stressing me out. Let alone sitting there for hours pitching my product to media outlets. 


I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and that sometimes it takes a major change or big life event happening to get us on track to where we are supposed to be. For me, my original purpose was to jump into entrepreneurship, fail at my first online shop and then successfully launch a new one so that I could ultimately be led to discovering my new purpose for  wanting to share that knowledge with other creative women. Every success & failure in our life sets us up for something greater.

As I approach the 2 year mark for this space in a week. I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me throughout this journey! Without this community I probably would have given up a long time ago!


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