How You Know It’s Time To Go From Hobby To Business

So you have been obsessed with this hobby of yours for awhile now. You absolutely love everything about it, it is your stress reliever and that thing that you can literally talk about for hours. Not to mention a few friends and family members have said ” You should really be making money off of this!”.

Maybe you’ve considered taking the leap into entrepreneurship but there are still a few doubts and you are not 100% sure if you are truly ready for it. Here are a few ways you can tell that it is definitely time to turn that hobby of yours into a full on business.

1. You often wish you could spend your days working on your hobby instead of your day job. If you have ever felt like this, then that my friends is called passion. And in my opinion, anything that you constantly think about should definitely be pursed further!

2. You are already making money from your hobby. Ok so maybe you hit up a few craft shows now and then or design logos for your friends and have a little money coming in from something you love. Well you’ve already gotten started! Imagine what you could do if you really put your energy into forming a business around that passion!

3. The “business side” of business excites you. Before I even fell in love with making jewelry or knew what type of business I wanted to form, the thought of building a business excited me. From being able to make my own hours and do my own thing to the thought of some day working in a fabulous office and hosting business meetings by the pool (yes I still dream of this). It all excited me, to the point where I bought every book I could afford on entrepreneurship. 

Just because you’re are passionate about something doesnt necessarily mean it should be turned into a business. But if you are eagerly wanting to learn everything about just being an entrepreneur and running a business then you should definitely go for it!

4. Your hobby is getting pricey to keep up with. You love what you do but lets be real, it can get expensive trying to keep it up, especially if it is product based. Why not begin selling your goods to make up for some of its expenses? You never know what it could lead to.


PS: How To Balance Business & Passion

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