Ep 173: Q1 Life and Business Update

I don’t know about you, but it feels like this year is FLYING BY! I’m just now getting a grip on my goals and what I want to accomplish this year and here we are already in the second quarter of 2022!

If you’ve been listening to this show this year then you know that I announced a couple of months ago that me and my business are both going through a HUGE transition. I am shifting out of the coaching industry and with that, I’m completely stripping away the entire identity that I have given myself over the past 8 years. Needless to say, this first quarter has been interesting. A lot of people have asked me what was next and what goals I am setting for 2022 moving forward, so this week I wanted to update you on how the first quarter of this year went and what I’ll be focusing on over the next 90 days.

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business update

So let’s start with business because a lot of what has happened in my life over the past 90 days has been because of the business decisions that have been made!

So in February we launched my new online community, Intentionally Made! If you missed the episode, Intentionally Made is an online community for women entrepreneurs who are feeling overwhelmed with it all. Whether that be running their business while working full-time, running a business while wrangling kids or running a business while also trying to prioritize rest. I wanted this to be a space where it’s no so much talking about business strategy but having it to be a safe space where we can REALLY talk about what it’s like to start and grow an online business.

At this point the community has been open for almost two months and the experience already has been incredible! We have a little over 100 amazing women inside and I just love how they are starting conversations and replying to other posts inside of the community without me being the head coach. I knew going into launching this community and also knowing the changes that I was making in my own business, that I did not want to be the center of this space. I simply want to be the facilitator! I am so so pleased at how well the community has been flourishing so far. And it feels right! All of of 2021 I felt like I was forcing myself to do certain things in my business and offer certain types of products, but this community feels so aligned and so natural and I’m excited that I stopped second guessing myself and just LAUNCHED IT!

So what’s working and what do I plan to tweak over the next 90 days? I’m very much still in the experimentation phase of building this community but so far, the weekly conversations seem to be working really well! The women are engaging and responding back to each other, so that’s definitely a piece of content that I am going to continuing implementing moving forward. What I plan to change. So a few weeks after I launched the community I added on an additional option called Intentionally Made PRO where for $25 per month, you can get full access to our entire workshop library. Well so far, no one has signed up! This of course could be a lot on my part because I launched it and never really promoted it. But I don’t think this is the way that I want to monetize this community. At least right now.

Plus, when I wrote the vision for this community, God made it really clear that access to this community needed to be free. So right now I’m going back and forth figuring out if I want to keep that option. Another thing that I have noticed over the past two months inside of the community is that while business strategy is definitely something our members feel like they need more of, deep down they really just want community and to be in a space with other women who get it!

I think because I have been in the coaching industry for so long, my go-to for content is always to teach but I’m finding that there are so many other topics that NEED to be discussed around entrepreneurship outside of just the strategy. So I’ll be adding in more of those wellness and lifestyle topics moving forward!

By the way, if you want to join us inside of Intentionally Made, you can do so here!

The last big thing that happened in my business during Q1 was closing down The Purpose To Service Academy! As of March 31st, the program no longer exists and has been removed from my website. This change was a lot easier for me to swallow than I expected. Like I’ve mentioned before, so much of my identity and who I was was wrapped up in me being a business coach, so I just assumed that once it was all said and done that it would feel like a really hard breakup.

But y’all, I have been so at peace! So at peace! I am a little sad to let my clients go but the program and the coaching industry in itself, I feel so good to be stepping away from. Which is how I know that I made the right decision! This is a huge leap of faith for me because at the time of recording this, I only have a very few small ways to bring in money which we’ll get deeper into when I do my life update!

Moving forward, I’m really excited to finish up writing and creating the launch strategy for the Living Over Existing book coming soon! And to also continue to serve the women inside of the Intentionally Made Community!

life update

Let’s move to the life update! I had to make A LOT of big girl decisions in Q1 which left me feeling extremely anxious. While I know that they were all the right decisions, I do struggle with decision fatigue and going back and forth in my head just had my anxiety all over the place! Especially when it came to the money piece. Like I just mentioned, I cut off my main stream of income. I have a few ways to make money like my 90 minute strategy sessions and there are workshops for purchase inside of Intentionally Made, but my monthly income dropped drastically after shutting down my coaching program.

I am still working on my feelings and thoughts around money so the uncertainty of not knowing what’s coming next really started to get to me. So emotionally, Q1 was not the best. But, me and God had a really good chat about obedience, patience and his promises and moving into this quarter I am finally feeling like the puzzle pieces are coming together. Even though things have been tight with this recent shift, I haven’t gone without and I may have a really awesome opportunity coming up that I know was nothing but God! I can’t talk about it yet but hopefully soon I’ll be able to share all of the details!

So that’s my Q1 life and business update! If you like hearing these behind the scenes types of episodes definitely let me know! Entrepreneurship is HARD AF and I definitely want to be transparent about this journey as I pivot.

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