EP 171: Introducing The Intentionally Made Community

Last week I finally crossed something off of my launch list that I have been wanting to put out into the world for well over a year! The Intentionally Made community is now LIVE and accepting new members! Intentionally made is a free online community for overwhelmed women entrepreneurs to gain the confidence, alignment and support needed to build an intentional life and business!

One thing that I have learned over nearly a decade of entrepreneurship is that entrepreneurship is hard af! But what happens when you need to pivot? Or decide to start a family? Or just want to get serious about prioritizing your rest? And who do you talk to about all of that? Intentionally Made was created to be a safe space for women entrepreneurs to talk about the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship while also getting there support and strategy needed to hit their next business milestone.

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Hello! I’m Alisha!


My mission is to help overwhelmed women entrepreneurs to become more confident in their God-given gifts, navigate through scary pivots and build their life and business with more intention!

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A support group for overwhelmed entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is hard AF! We help you to navigate through the tough moments and guide you through building both your life and business on purpose.

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