EP 168: Shifting Your Identity and Embracing Rest

At the beginning of 2021, I had so much hope that this would be MY YEAR! The year where I’d have my breakout moment and reap all of the benefits of the seeds I have been planting over the past 7 years. What I didn’t know was that this year was going to peel a part everything that i knew about myself and become one of my roughest years to date. From my mental health really take a toll on my daily life, to missed goals and feeling super out of alignment, this year has beat my ass in more ways than one.

But that’s not to say that it was all bad. I’ve welcomed new clients, finally got to travel, spent time with those I’ve loved and welcomed some amazing new clients. This year through all of its chaos also showed me that so much of my identity and who I thought I was, was too wrapped up into a title that I had given myself and a box that I had put myself in. Which has led me to this week’s podcast episode. In this episode I talk about the year 2021 has been, why i’ve decided to take the rest of the year off of social media and what I’m hoping to gain during this much needed break.

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