EP 167: The Power of Niching Down With Product Photographer, Tamera Darden

I’ve been asked a million times over the past few years “How do I build a successful business?” And my answer is always to niche down as much as possible! Get as specific and as clear as you can on exactly who you want to help, how you want to help them and the problem you want to solve. Niching down has completely changed my business for the better over the past few years and it’s one of the first processes I take my clients through inside of The Purpose To Service Academy! But don’t take my word for it! This week on the podcast Im chatting with product photographer, Tamera Darden!

Tamera is the founder, creative director and lead photographer of Darden Creative. Darden Creative specializes in bright, colorful and modern product photography + motion video for Black & Multicultural Beauty & Lifestyle Brands.

After several years in corporate retail, she dedicated her merchandising, styling and creativity skills to create product photography that sells for Darden Creative’s beauty + lifestyle clients. Since 2016, she’s had the fortune of creating content for Macy’s, Harper’s Bazaar Digital, Base Butter, Telefora, Essence Magazine & Wedding Wire to name a few.

She leads a dynamic team of creatives, ensuring that every client is taken care of through Darden Creative’s proven content creation process. Their signature system ensures that every client has social media content that make their customers fall in love, time and time again.

Since 2016, Darden Creative has worked with over 100 brands creating custom social media content for their social media platforms & websites. Tamera has been able to triple, and even quadruple our client’s income with photography made to sell. When she’s not bringing a brand’s vision to life, you can find her empowering product photographers via The Photo CEO, flexing her interior design skills in her apartment or dropping gems on the ‘gram.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why she decided to niche down to product photography and the positive impact it has had on her business
  • Why she decided to offer a coaching program to other photographers
  • Her tips for photographers who are looking to build a sustainable and profitable business!

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