EP 166: The Greater Impact of Building Your Business With Intention

So the word “intention” has become a bit of a buzzword over the years and is often mentioned without much in depth context. And yes, building your business with intention is a huge part of what i do and how I coach, which is why I wanted to dig a little deeper into what that actually looks like in your life and business.

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Welcome back to another episode of The Purpose To Service Podcast! So we are officially in the last few days of applications being open for The Purpose To Service Academy! So if you’re listening to this on Wednesday when this episode went live, that means you have two days to submit your application!

The Purpose To Service Academy is my 12 month group coaching program that teaches overwhelmed coaches how to build a sustainable and intentional business that fuels the life you desire. So I help you to achieve this through my 6-step framework where you will walk through building a solid business foundation and creating and launching your signature coaching offer.

Throughout your time in this program, the goal is to have built a sustainable coaching business and on-going strategy for bringing in new clients.Applications are closing in just a couple of days! All you have to do is head over to alisharobertson.com/apply to complete your application and schedule your 20 minute call with me!So the word “intention” has become a bit of a buzzword over the years and is often mentioned without much in depth context. And yes, building your business with intention is a huge part of what i do and how I coach, which is why I wanted to dig a little deeper into what that actually looks like in your life and business.Saying, “I do everything in my business with intention.” or “I create content with intention.” or “I Serve my clients with intention.” all sounds good but what does it actually mean?? How do you actually infuse intention into your business and what’s the greater impact it has?

Let’s start off with the definition of intention: Intention is a thing intended; an aim or plan.In order to build your business with intention there has to be a plan or goal in mind. From your framework to your marketing to the offer you create, it should all be centered around a bigger purpose. Not necessarily the end goal of your business but what is it that you’re working hard for? Is it more time for your family. Is it to be financially stable and pay off debt. Is it to be able to get out of the job you hate. Or so that you will have more space to do the other things that you love?When there is a bigger goal or purpose in mind, every single decision you make in your business is made with the intention of helping you to achieve that desire.If you’re stuck on figuring out if you should launch a 1-on-1 or group coaching offer, ask yourself “what’s the type of impact that I want to make on my clients and which one of those business models will help you to achieve that?”That simple question that ties back to the bigger purpose will save you a ton of time going back and forth with yourself weighing the odds.

A decision that I had to make just last week was what could I do to make potential clients feel more comfortable with making the investment to join The Purpose To Service Academy. Originally, I just had an application on the sales page that potential clients could fill out. I would review it and then let them know my decision.But with the program being at a higher price point, I knew that a few more touch points were going to be necessary so I decided to add on a 20-minute discovery call. My goal is always to enroll clients who feel good about working with me. If that meant adding on that 20-minute call then that’s what I did.If what you desire is more time, then how can you build a business that only requires you to show up for a couple of hours a day?

When you infuse intention into your business it really does remove a lot of the guesswork and decision fatigue. You have more streamlined processes, a simpler marketing strategy and more aligned clients. But let’s talk about the impact that building a sustainable and intentional business has on your personal life because the impact there is greater than all of that.​Building a business that is rooted in intention looks like being able to devote more time to the other interests that you’re passionate about. For example, I am a writer. And I know that I have been called to write lots and lots of books! I knew this before I built The Purpose To Service Academy, so i built it with the intention of it also providing me with more time to devote to writing.​

Building your business with intention also looks like being able to afford your kids extra curricular activities and actually being able to attend them.​It looks like more ease which in turn allows you to take better care of your mental and physical health.​It looks like a life worth living and not just a life spent working at a job that you hate.​​

Building a truly intentional business isnt just about everything on the business side running smoothly, it also looks like building the life you have always dreamed of. A life full of opportunities, better choices, a bigger impact and consistent income.​​I don’t just preach it because it sounds good, I stand behind it because I live it and I want you to see that it’s possible for you.I have a mother who has some health problems but because my business is rooted in intention, I’m available to be with her when she needs me. I may sometimes have to make a few small shifts or tweaks but I make it happen because I’ve built my business that way.I have a toddler whose personality is blooming every single day and the business i’ve built allows me to nurture her gifts and interests.

Everything inside of my business is planned with intention for me to live the life that I desire. A life of freedom, flexibility and ease.​And that all starts with being very clear about what it is that you want. Lack of direction causes inaction. And if you’re not doing the work, you’ll just find yourself in the same position a year from now.

This is the reason why The Purpose to Service Academy exists. To guide new and growing coaches through how to build an intentional coaching business that fuels the life they desire. A business that is used to positively impact your clients and the lives of the people you love.​Because what’s the point of having success if every other aspect of your life goes ignored?So outside of your business goals, what do you want? And is your business being built in way to supports that lifestyle?

If not, then I want to personally invite you to apply for your spot inside of The Purpose To Service Academy. For the next 12 months we will work closely together to help you to get clear on what you want, to build a solid foundation and to launch an offer that supports your desired lifestyle.If it’s possible for me, then it’s possible for you and I would be honored to support you throughout this journey.All you have to do is head over to alisharobertson.com/apply , complete your application and schedule your 20-minute call with me!

There is no risk or obligation when you apply for the academy. So On our 20-minute call we will decide if the academy is a good fit for you and what you’re wanting to achieve and you’ll have an opportunity to ask me anything! Applications close on Friday so this is your last chance this year to join us inside of The Academy! Just head over to alisharobertson.com/apply and I will chat with you all next week!​

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