EP 160: 3 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Pre-Launch Phase

This is week three of our series on building a sustainable coaching business with intention. Week 1 we talked about getting clarity on what you want and what success looks like for you! Week 2 we talked about how to get a better understanding of who you’re serving and what you’re promising them and this week we’re going to dive into step 3 of my signature framework, NURTURE!

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There are a few specific reasons why I would say most launches fail. Some people launch and never actually tell their audience that they launched. Some people might quit their launch half way or go into their launch unprepared. We could talk about the marketing channels you’re using and the timing of your launch. we can talk about all of that and why it may have resulted in a failed launch. But I would say that 9 times out of 10, your launch failed because you failed to nurture your audience ahead of time.

I’m sure I have said this a thousand times before on this podcast but you are NOT Beyonce! Beyonce can drop an album out of thin air with absolutely no warning and it will literally break the internet! While I think you are amazing, you don’t have Beyonce power!When a lot of coaches and online experts think about launching (btw, yes you can launch a service offer) they plan for the time period that their cart is open or when they are accepting new clients so typically that 7 to 14 day window or however long their launch period is. Yes this is an important time because it’s when you’re actively selling BUT what happens BEFORE the launch is just as important.

The 6-8 weeks before your offer goes live is crucial because during that time period, you should not only be building your waitlist but you should be nurturing your clients so that when it is time to launch they are already super aware of your offer and are ready to buy!How do you actually use that time to nurture your audience during your pre-launch phase?

  1. Use your content to answer any hesitations, objections or mindset shifts
    1. What beliefs does your audience have around their intended outcome that are holding them back?
    2. Why would they be hesitant to work with someone like you?
    3. what myths in your specific industry
  2. Talk about your signature framework so that they can see the step by step of how you will help them to achieve their desired transformation
  3. Give face to face time

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