EP 158: How To Get Clear On What You REALLY Want In Your Life and Business

I can teach you all of the strategies. I can teach you how to create your offer. And I can teach you how to gain more clients. But none of that will matter if you have no clue what you want. Lack of clarity in your life and business is a sure fire way to experiencing burnout. In this weeks episode I ask you a series of questions that will help you to get crystal clear on what you desire!

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Welcome back to the purpose to service podcast! Today kicks off a 6 week series around Building your coaching business with intention! Each week for the next six weeks we’re going to cover getting clear on who you’re serving, the type of service offer you should create, how to not overcomplicate your program curriculum and more! For the past year I have had this nudge in me to really cater what I do within my business to truly serving others who wanted to be in the coaching space. Whether you want to be a wellness coach, a coach to new moms, a life coach or whatever I have felt this strong tug to do what i can to provide coaches who actually give a damn the tools and resources that they need to build a thriving business.

I have been in this industry for 7 years. And over the past 7 years I have seen this industry grow in a lot of amazing ways but I have also seen it grow in some ways that I no longer agree with. Ya’ll know I do not agree with the hustle culture, I do not agree with being mean in order to be seen as an authority and I do not agree with jumping into this industry just because the profit margins are high. This industry has changed my life for the better and I know that there are so many amazing women out there who want to do this work and who value integrity and actually helping their audience to receive a real transformation. I know that!

So I have just felt this fire in me for a long time now to stop complaining about it and to actually do something about it! So with this series I’m going to be sharing with you the ends and outs of truly building a sustainable, intentional and profitable coaching business that fuels the life you desire!And don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself to be a coach, the tips and strategies that I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks will be super helpful to you as well!But today we’re digging into a big question that I have to reference at least once every few months and a question that I don’t believe a lot of upcoming coaches and service providers are asking themselves before they start to grow or scale their business. And that is What do you want? LIke what do you really want not only in your business but your life as well.

I see it happen so often, you’re seeing all of these other coaches and influencers sharing their big wins which is great but instead of only looking at them as motivation to keep doing your own thing, you begin to think that oh because they are hard pressed to scale to 7 figures in 3 months then that must be what I need to chase as well. Or they are offering this type of service and are working with this type of client so that must be what I need to do in order to be successful. And you look to these people so much that you begin to forget what you actually want. That’s why we have so many coaches now who have shifted their business model and messaging to helping people to scale as fast as possible because it pretty much became a trend. But what do you want?

One of the very first pieces of building a solid business foundation is getting clear on what you want in both your life and business. It affects the decisions you make, the offer you create, who you want to work with and more. I see this all the time so many people jump into this industry, their excited and ready to go but they dive in head first without a clear understanding of what they actually want.

And Im saying this from experience. I started my coaching business by accident seven years ago. I started taking on these hour long sessions with clients which turned into multiple sessions which then turned into working with clients for 3-6 months at a time. Because I was thrown into is so quickly I never had a chance to actually sit down and ask myself what I wanted. What type of clients really got me excited? How was this new business now going to fit around my life. Because I didn’t ask myself those questions I followed what all of the other gurus and experts were chasing and I ended up extremely burnout.If you have ever felt out of alignment within your work it is probably because you’ve been chasing someone else’s idea of success.

So how do you get crystal clear on what you want? Let’s start off by focusing on the most important areas within your life and your business.

If you’re new here, you should know that Im really big on building your business around the life that you desire and not the other way around. More often than not we get so caught up in building our business that we now have to figure out how the rest of our life fits into that. But building a sustainable business with intention means getting clear on your desired lifestyle and then figuring out how your business will fit around that.So let’s start off with your life.

What are your non-negotiables? What in your personal life are you not willing to budge on? We talk about this a lot inside of The Purpose To Service Academy especially when it comes to setting your client schedule. If being free to pick your kids up from school everyday is a non-negotiable for you, then you know that you need to put strict boundaries around your work hours and client calls.

Maybe a non-negotiable is not working weekends or maybe being location dependent. What are the things in your life that you are absolutely not willing to budge on?

Let’s talk about general lifestyle. What does your ideal lifestyle look like for you? For me I really want to be completely consumer debt free. So the way I price my offers and the different income streams I add into my business are all centered around my debt reduction plan. It’s all intentional.As someone who manages anxiety and depression, I also know that incorporating more ease and time for self-care into my life is necessity. Which is why my main stream of income being a group coaching program vs taking on 1:1 clients works a lot better for me.If traveling multiple times a year for you is a non-negotiable, then write that down and remember that for when you’re deciding on the type of offers you’re creating and the types of opportunities that you’re saying yes to.

Let’s talk about money! I do not want you to get caught up into thinking that just because the work you do is changing lives that you should not be properly compensated for it. I also don’t want you to believe that hitting 6-figures in some ridiculous amount of time is the end goal for everyone either. Getting clear on how much you want and need to make (im talking down to the cents) will again affect the offer you’re creating, how you price that offer and even the type of clients you want to attract.

We’ll dig deeper into pricing a little later in this series but for now, just think of your number. What’s the number that will allow you to pay all of your expenses, contribute to savings, pay taxes and do whatever is a priority to you. If that number feels scary, GOOD! As an entrepreneur it can be so easy to get your identity wrapped up in your occupation. But you have to remember that this business you’re building is strictly a way for you to fund the life you desire.So now that you’re clear on what you want in your life, again it’s time to think about what you want of your business.

You’re the boss which means no matter what your favorite marketing guru tells you, you still get to make the rules. You are allowed to go against the grain, you are allowed to build slowly and you don’t need anyone’s permission to change your mind.So what does success look like for you? Is success tied to a dollar amount or the amount of freedom it creates for you? Is success for you the types of opportunities it can bring? Knowing the answer to the question and standing firm in your answer is the key to not chasing anyone else’s idea of success or being swayed by shiny object syndrome. For me, I want to write! Ive shared this on the podcast before but I want to write all of the books!I absolutely adore coaching but I also know that this isnt all that i want to do! And it gives me the time to be a great coach and also write books as well.

What types of people do you want to work with? Truly, what type of client would you be most excited to work with? Knowing this shapes where you will show up online and also how you will market your business.Knowing what you want and knowing exactly what success looks like for you truly shapes how you build your business. While it seems simple, so so many coaches and online experts skip this step and end up building a business that they don’t even life. Or that burns them out. Or goes against all of their personal nonnegotiables.

I can teach you the strategy all day long. I can teach you how to create an offer and how to get more clients. But I can not tell you what you should want. And dare i say if any coach tries to push their idea of success on to you, then you should run!Inside of the Purpose To Service Academy we start off with this exercise of getting clear on what you want and then as you progress through the program, we have little check points to make sure that your brand message aligns with your idea of success, if the offer or how you’re marketing goes against your personal non-negotiables. Getting clear on what you want is the first piece of building a sustainable business foundation.

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