EP 155: Building A Solid Business Foundation Instead Of Chasing Fast Growth

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Let’s talk about the problem with focusing on fast growth when it comes to running your business. I’ve talked about this before here but we’re currently in a season of entrepreneurship where all we’re hearing is about how fast someone is growing their business. This was a $100,000 month or I’ve gained 60,000 Instagram followers in 3 months. A lot of what we’re seeing online is these big numbers that those we admire are achieving. For someone who may be starting out or even someone who has been in business for a while but hasn’t seen that type of growth yet, it can really make you feel like you’re behind in your business because the timing of their success compared to yours doesn’t look the same.

Because of this, you end up with a lot of entrepreneurs who are willing to do any and everything to accelerate their growth so that they feel successful. You begin operating your business out of integrity and promising things to your clients that you can’t deliver on. You stop providing a great client experience and those personal touch points that people hired you in the first place for. And for a lot of people, they skip right over building a solid foundation for their business and end up building this massive brand that isn’t sustainable.Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with wanting to make more money or to have a larger audience. I believe that money opens doors for us, it can give us options and it can definitely take a way a lot of stress. But what I really want you to focus on as well is building that solid business foundation.

Back when I first started coaching other entrepreneurs, I was so focused on making money. I just needed my next client and I didnt care where they were coming from as long as they were paying. I was looking at other coaches who were building these massive coaching and online course businesses and I just thought that that was what I was supposed to be aiming for. So I hustled my butt off to consistently make more money.

But the problem that I learned really quickly with simply looking at someone else’s highlight reel is that you don’t see the years of hard work they put into building their brand before they started making these large numbers. I was killing myself trying to reach a level of success that my business wasn’t even prepared for. I had no solid foundation. I had no real brand message, I was new so I hadnt taken the time to really position myself or figure out the type of entrepreneur that I wanted to work with. I was hustling so hard to make money to the point where I couldnt take it anymore and everything really fell a part. I dont want that for you. I want you to be wildly successful and make a ton of money but I dont want you to build a business that you’re not even excited to build or work with clients who are just going to drain you.

Today I wanted to talk about the elements of a solid business foundation that you should be focusing on before you try to scale!I recently added on a piece to our framework inside of the purpose to service academy to talk about building your foundation because even with the established entrepreneurs that I was working with, I still noticed that there are still some important areas like audience and messaging that need to be tweaked before we can go on to talk about launching their offer.

  1. What do you want?
  2. Your mindset
  3. Your audience (getting a clear understanding of who they are and then nurturing them)
  4. Messaging and positioning
  5. Consistency

Like I said, we go over this in depth inside of The Purpose To Service Academy, so if you’re not on the waitlist, get on it now bc applications open up on October 12th.

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