EP 153: The Season You’re In Determines The Goals You Create

Since we’re coming up on the third quarter of 2021 and you’re probably in planning mode right now, I wanted to talk about the different seasons of business you may be in and how that really determines the goals you will create for this quarter. This is a concept that I introduced to the members inside of The Purpose To Service Academy during our Q3 planning session last week and it really helped them to remove a lot of the overwhelm that often comes with goal setting and to gain clarity around what they should be focusing on.

While I do believe in consistently selling and doing what you need to do to generate consistent income in your business, I don’t believe that your big goals should all be focused on just making money. Some seasons of your business are for intense selling while others may be for nurturing.

So today I’m going to talk about the four different business seasons, how to know which season you’re in and what tasks you should be focusing on during each season!

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You’re in this season most likely if you’re just getting started in your business OR if you’ve just made a really huge pivot or shift. During this season you may be working on perfecting your brand message, getting a better understanding of what your audience is needing from you and maybe doing some market research. In this season you could also be in the process of mapping out your new offer.This is typically the season where you’re laying that solid business foundation.


In this season you’re focused on growing and nurturing your audience and really priming them to be ready to work with you once your offer does launch. So in this season you’re going to be focused on audience growth like introducing a new lead magnet to get people onto your email list, spending more time having and creating conversations with your audience. This season is where you will introduce more content that speaks directly to your audience. So content that talks about their pain points or problems they want to have solved, the mindset shifts they need to make and also introducing your signature framework!


For you this could be the season where you’re of course actively selling! Most likely when you’re in the middle of a launch or a big sales campaign!During this season, all of your content is going to be focused around your offer and your call to action should be leading people back to your sales page or booking a call with your or completing their application.


During this season you have found a good flow within your business. Your audience is growing at a steady rate and you’re booking clients pretty consistently.So in this season you should be focused on what you can do to simplify your business and make sure that everything is running smoothly. So that could be hiring or bringing on new team members, setting up your sales funnel, or investing in new systemes that will automate as much as you can in your company!

So again, depending on what season you’re in right now, determines the goals you should be setting. If you’re in the nurture season, you know that you should be focused on audience growth and relationship building tasks.I modeled this around the actual seasons that we experience. As we know, seasons change and repeat themselves. The same goes for business. I have been an entrepreneur for over 9 years and im right back in the season of preparation and slowly going into the season of nurturing. So dont think that there is something wrong within your business if you find yourself starting back at the beginning!Here’s what I want you to do next, let me know in the comments or over on instagram if you’re listening to this and let me know what season you’re currently in in your business! Id love to chat with you about the big goals you’re planning to set for the new quarter!

As always, thank you for checking out this week’s episode! I’ll see you next week with more tips and strategies on how to grow your coaching or online service based business with more intention!

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