EP 150: 4 Ways To Position Yourself As An Expert In Your Industry Even If You Don’t Feel Like One

Im super excited because all this month on the podcast and inside of The Purpose To Service Academy, we’re going to be talking about Attracting and Serving Your Perfect Paying Clients! If you’re a coach or an online service provider, you may be feeling stuck or even frustrated with how you’re going to get your next paying client. I don’t believe that we should be spending all of our energy hunting down our next client. Not to say you don’t have to shoot your shot or create an actual marketing strategy. I mean I never want you to feel like you’re begging for people to work with you!

So all this month I want to talk about how to set your business up in a way that makes you and your brand a new client magnet!So expect some great content head your way here on the podcast and also, I’ll be teaching a free live workshop on Tuesday, May 25th at 7pm eastern which breaks down my tried and true strategies for attracting your perfect paying clients! You can sign up for the free workshop over at alisharobertson.com/webinar I’ll also leave the link in the show notes as well!

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So this week I want to talk about messaging and positioning. One of the best ways to attract new clients is to position yourself as an expert in your industry. When someone thinks about building a business with intention. Im one of the people that pops into mind because I have spent years telling ya’ll that I want to help you to build your business with intention! If I were an influencer who wanted to learn more about working with brands, the first name that comes into mind is mattie James. Or when I think about being a female owned business who wants to hit a million dollars in revenue and beyond, I think of rachel Rodgers. Its because these women have spent years positioning themselves as experts in this space. Think about your industry. Who is the first person that comes to mind for your audience. Is it you? If not or if you’re unsure, keep listening!


First, let’s start off talking about your messaging. You’ve probably seen or heard of this formula before. Who is it that you help PLUS the transformation that you take them through? For example: I help overworked and overwhelmed coaches and online service providers to launch their signature offer and serve their clients with less stress and more intention.How does your message attract new clients. In the sea of people who follow you on social or consume your content. Your message lets your perfect clients know exactly how you’re going to help them and the problem you solve while also weeding out those who may not be a good fit. It’s a win/win for both of you! Now this message means nothing if you create it and then keep it to yourself. To really position yourself as the expert you are, this message should be shared on:

  1. Your website
  2. Throughout your content
  3. Any places that you’re being interviewed or featured.


Content isn’t dead. In fact great content is not only what has helped me to consistently get new clients month after month but it is also what helped me to go fulltime in my coaching business years ago. The best thing about creating great consistent content is the fact that it helps to build your authority, builds trust and of course positions you as an expert in your industry.

Your content should be used educate your potential clients, help them to move past any hesitations that may stop them from truly believing that what they want is possible and provide them with quick wins that make them want to trust what you’re saying. How can you use your content to get your potential clients ready to book that call or apply to your program?Just think about it. Week after week you’re creating this incredible content that your audience raves about. Just enough to where you’re helping them to make a big mindset shift. When your audience says “Oh i need help with this” because you have shown up in such an impactful way, they are going to think of you first.You want to be seen as one of the go to people in your industry.


So my friend Monique is doing an entire series this month on her podcast, Pimp Your Brilliance around visibility so make sure you head to her show and subscribe! But one of the issues i feel we face when imposter syndrome kicks in and we know we need to put ourselves out there but we may not feel quite qualified to call ourselves an expert is we hold all of our goodness to ourselves. But you can not truly position yourself as an expert in your industry if no one knows you exist.

You have to make yourself visible. And not only on your own platforms but on others as well. Are you pitching yourself to be featured on other podcasts or different media outlets. Are you collaborating with others in your industry so that you can get your message out to a new audience?Visibility should definitely be a part of your client attraction strategy. Because at some point you’re going to hit a limit with your current audience and what they are willing to buy.


So we’ve talked about messaging, content and visibility. But I can’t end this episode without talking about consistency. I’m sure i’ve mentioned this in every single episode that i’ve ever created but you cant expect consistent results with inconsistent efforts. You cant produce one piece of content a month and expect your clients to work with you. You cant switch up your messaging every other day and expect potential clients to have a clear understanding of how to work with you. Not saying that things cant change but even if they do you have to find a consistent schedule with putting yourself out there so that your perfect paying clients can find you!

Thats it for this weeks episode! Don’t forget on May 25th at 7pm eastern Im hosting a free live workshop all about attracting and serving your perfect paying clients! If you want to join us and learn my tried and true strategies for consistent client attraction, head over to alisharobertson.com/webinar .

If you enjoyed this episode, I want you to head over to Instagram and let me know what your biggest takeaway was! See you next week!

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