EP 149: 5 Areas of Your Business To Focus On Outside Of Getting New Clients

I feel like my mission in life is to help women like you. So coaches and online service providers or those who are aspiring to be, to

1. push past the mental barriers that are holding you back from leaping into your idea fully and

2. To help you to build a sustainable business with intention. A business that will last more than just a few months but also built around what you feel called or pulled to do in this world.

There is so much focus these days on scaling. Making more money. Hitting big income goals. Getting to the covested six figures. And there is nothing wrong with that. I have huge income goals as well. But i think that there is often so much talk around the money that many business owners end up building a six figure business on a rocky foundation. And once they’ve hit their max, slowly that foundation begins to crumble.

Don’t get me wrong. Money is important. Money gives you freedom. It gives you options. And it can make life a lot easier in many cases. So don’t think this is a bash against how much money you can make. My point is, you don’t want you to grow a super successful business that is here today and gone tomorrow. And there is so much more to building a sustainable coaching or service based business beyond just getting your next new client. what about your content strategy? What about your brand message? Do you have solid systems? What does your retention strategy look like?

This week I wanted to talk about the other areas of your business you should be focusing on outside of just getting new clients.

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show notes

#1 Your growth strategy. Notice that I didn’t say your income strategy. So not necessarily getting more clients. One thing you’ll notice is that after a while, you can keep marketing to the same people. whether it be on social or your email list. After awhile, everyone who will work with you will have hired you and the others may not ever buy but still enjoy your free content. So its important to consistently work on your growth strategy. Now i don’t mean getting a bunch of followers. we’re not focusing on vanity metrics here. The goal is to consistently get new qualified leads into your sales funnel so that you’re pitching new people.What is included in your growth strategy? This could look like gettin in front of new audiences through press opportunities or speaking to other groups who have a similar audience. Creating a new lead magnet or promoting your current lead magnet more to get people into your sales funnel. Or simply getting more consistent with your content and promoting it to get it in front of new faces.

#2 Retaining your clients. Do you know that it is easier to retain or keep a current client than it is to get a new one? It’s also less expensive as well. So while getting new clients is super important, you also need a strategy in place for retaining the clients you do have (if possible of course) The best way to do this:

  1. Create an incredible client experience (we’re going to go deeper into this in a minute) but if you want to keep clients then you need to be sure that they are enjoying the time that they have with you.
  2. Have a system in place to continue working with your clients later if possible. This is great if you offer a service that your clients can consistently get value from.
  3. Have a best next step prepared for your clients. What are their anticipated ext problem or next level they want to get to? Is there anyway you can enroll them to the next offer to keep them as a client?

#3 Nurturing your current audience. One of the biggest mistakes many of us make when we focus on our growth strategy is what to do with those people once they are in our bubble. The last thing you want to do is get people onto your email list or following you on instagram or subscribed to your podcast and then just leave them hanging. You should be focusing on creating content that provides your audience with a quick win and also helps them to overcome some of their biggest objections or hesitations that may stop them from taking the next step to working with you.

#4 Putting solid systems in place. If you’re still doing everything manually like sending invoices or scheduling calls you’re going to burnout super fast and won’t be able to provide your clients with the best experience possible. You need some processes and systems in place that will allow you to easily onboard clients. There are a ton of tools out there like Dubsado, Acuity Scheduling and more!

#5 Client experience. How are you going to focus on getting new clients when the clients you’re currently working with are not happy? Word of mouth marketing still works very well and one of the best ways to NOT get any new clients is to treat your current clients as if they don’t matter. So how do you improve your client experience?

  • Deliver on what you promised.
  • Make your time together easy
  • Find ways to surprise and delight your clients
  • Really be invested in their success

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