EP 143: 9 Years of Entrepreneurship (Part One)

Last week, a Facebook memory popped up and reminded me that I have been an entrepreneur for 9 whole years! NINE YEARS of struggles, successes, failures, job searches 🥴, incredible opportunities and diving deeper into my purpose. So this week I wanted to share a bit of my story of how I went from depressed and working in a horrible call center to running my business full-time and being able to help hundreds of women to launch and grow their own businesses!

In this episode I share:

  • How a panic attack led me into full-time entrepreneurship
  • Why I have always been comfortable with pivoting to the next season of my business
  • Why I feel that I was supposed to go through so much learning in order to be in the position I am in now

Next week in part two I’ll be sharing the biggest lessons I’ve learned about myself and entrepreneurship over the past 9 years!


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