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Marketing has always been something that I never felt 100% confident in. Looking at the media nad looking at brands who have really large budgets, I always felt like I was doing the least when it came to marketing when I should have been doing the most. 

That was until I committed to learning more about marketing a few years ago. I hired a coach, I did the research and from that I learned that all marketing really is is  finding different ways to share your message and what you have to offer your audience over and over again. It’s staying consistent and getting creative with how you’re putting you and your offer in your potential clients face.

And it can be as simple or as complicated as you like.

I’ve shared this a few times before but one of the reasons why I hit burnout a few years ago is that I was trying to keep up with ALL of the marketing strategies. Literally I was trying to do everything that I saw all of the marketing gurus doing and I burnt out. BAD!

I definitely don’t believe that you have to do all the things in order to market your offers but I do think that you should be open to trying new things. Even if its just to test and see what is working and what’s not.

So if marketing feels uneasy for you or if you’re just unsure of where to start, I thought it would be cool this week for me to share how I am going about marketing this year.

As you know, The Purpose To Service Academy is my main offer. And it has two pieces to it. There is the membership side which is the DIY option for those who are wanting to go through the course at their own pace or for those who are needing to spend a little more time building their brand before launching.

And then there is the accelerator side which we are now accepting applications for! That is our group coaching program for those who are wanting a high-touch experience and who want to work directly with me.

Needless to say, that is where my focus will be this year as far as marketing. Getting new clients into our program.

I’m also focusing on growing my audience. Specifically, my email list and my instagram account. Ive mentioned before that I want a book deal so I know that when the time comes around to start pitching to agents that having a bigger audience will increase my chances. I dont think it is necessary to have a large audience but i would like to go with them saying that I have a certain amount of like loyal people in my crew.

So the goals for my marketing strategy this year is to increase clients in the purpose to service academY! I have a big goal to help 100 women launch their offer and to grow my instagram account and email list.

Let’s start with social. I fell off with staying consistent with social media last year and one of the reasons being I was trying to balance two different accounts. My personal and living over existing. Now that I am only focusing on my personal account I think it will be a lot easier to manage. The 2nd reason being that i failed to plan in advance. 

Every single time Ive fallen behind or couldnt keep up with staying consistent its because I dont plan and schedule in advance. At the time of recording this, I have all of my February content for social planned out and mostly scheduled. My goal is to stay at least a month ahead all year so that i dont fall behind.

Outside of just scheduling ahead. I am really working on working with instagram versus just complaining about all of its features like I really want to. So figuring out how i can use them to my advantage while also being myself.

Which means for me. Going live every Monday. I read a lot of predictions this year and a lot of people are saying that video is where its going to be so i’m committing to show my face and interact live with my followers.

Im also going to commit to doing one reel a week. Now this one ya’ll will have to hold me accountable for because I do not feel creative enough to keep thinking of reel ideas but instagram works in their favor so Im going to at least try!

The last thing about social media, Im committing to talking about my offer more. Just like you i sometimes feel like im talking about it too much or that im getting on someones nerve. But I dont care this year. I want to win and I want to hit my goals so im committing to talking about my program every single day in some capacity.

Alright lets move on to content. As you know I have this podcast which I do every week but you may have also noticed that there have been a lot more episodes with just me vs interviews. Interviews are not gone for good but i wanted to spend some time creating episodes with just me so that you as a potential client can get a feel for how i teach and what it would be like for you when you join our program. Also with all of the recent changes i made, i wanted to spend some time with just you and me so we can keep building our relationship. Also you’ll be hearing ads running in the episodes about the purpose to service academy!

Next, I have marketing events planned for each quarter of this year. So a marketing event is basically a big push that you do throughout the year to get more people into your offer. It can be a webinar, a challenge, a sales sequence to your existing email list or waitlist. Its basically a way to again get a push of new clients without having to do a big launch. So this quarter i hosted a webinar. Next quarter im planning to do a push to my current email list and I have a few other fun things planned for Q3 and Q4.

And that’s it for now. I really want to take a simple approach to marketing this year while staying consistent. So for me that looks like utilizing the platforms where I’ve already established an audience and committing to consistency and providing as much value as possible. I do plan on doing some testing this year as well so as I learn new strategies I may implement them here and there if they align with my brand and also if i have the capacity for it.

Ready to create your own marketing plan for your offer? That’s one of the many things I teach you how to do inside of the purpose to service academy! To join us head over to purposetoservice.co

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