EP 140: The Fears and Benefits of Building A Personal Brand

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Before we get into this week’s episode, don’t forget about signing up for my free webinar all about creating your signature process for your service offer! Its happening on February 17th and during im going to walk you through my exact steps for creating your signature process which you will use to begin building your service offer! Again it’s free so head over to alisharobertson.com/webinar to sign up!

This week I wanted to chat about building your personal brand and some of the fears that often come with it. As you guys know I recently made the shift from focusing on building a company where I wasn’t necessarily the face of the brand to now focusing on building my personal brand and I wanted to share more of the reasoning behind that because while it may not be for everyone, It has already proven to be a game changer for me. I also wanted to talk about some of the fears that often comes with building a personal brand and why i think its so beneficial.

I decided to go back to focusing on my personal brand because I ultimately want to write more books. And the best way to get a book deal is to begin putting myself out there and intentionally growing my audience. I talked about this before on episode 136 but I really just realized that everything that I do today is going to affect where I want to be. So if i want to write and be hired to speak on stages around the world then what Im doing now needs to align with that.

Also, speaking behind Living Over Existing and not necessarily being the face of it always felt weird to me. Like I had to force myself not to put myself up front in so many cases and it never felt natural. I also always felt like i had to talk as if my team was bigger than it was in order to see like i was building a real company.

So as you can see I am a huge fan of building a personal brand. Especially if you’re considering offering a service!

But with making the decision to shift into growing me essentially I did have a few fears going into it. And from years of talking with other entrepreneurs, you may have experienced some of these as well.

Transparency: There is a belief that when you’re building a personal brand you have to share all of your business but thats not true at all! You have control over what you share! There are a ton of pieces of my life that i will never share online. So just because you are the face of your brand it doesn mean that you lose your privacy.

Judgement: The internet is a kind place…when it wants to be. And cancel culture has more people on edge than ever because you dont want to slip up then all of a sudden get called out for your mistakes. The biggest things here is to remember that you get to shape your narrative and that you can control what anyone thinks or says about you.

Growth: One of the biggest concerns I had with shifting back onto my personal brand was if it would limit my overall business growth. There is a lot of chatter online that you can’t scale a personal brand and I dont think thats true at all. I think that you can scale a personal brand you just cant do it alone. Just because im the face of the brand doesn’t mean that i cant hire a team. And it doesn’t mean that i cant introduce more streams of income. This is the year of dreaming big and I just refuse to believe that because im the focus that those dreams have to be limited.

So enough of the fears, let’s talk about the perks!

  • People buy you!
  • It’s easier for you to market and create content because you’re doing it in your own voice which can be a little more relaxed.
  • More opportunities. Ive been invited on more podcasts and speaking opportunities than Ive ever been.

If you’ve been hesitant to build your personal brand or if you thought that building your personal brand would limit you, then I hope this episode helps to push you past those fears and really get a good understanding of how you can benefit from it. 

You know what’s also great for helping you to build your personal brand? Your signature process! Don’t forget Im teaching a free webinar on Feb. 17th all about building your signature process for your service offer. This is actually a webinar that you will learn from so make sure you come ready to take notes! To sign up for free head over to alisharobertson.com/webinar

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