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Before I dig into this weeks episode, I wanted to announce that on February 17th, I will be hosting a free webinar on how to create your signature process. You may have heard me talk about it before but your signature process is essentially the key steps that you will take your clients through to help them see a real transformation in their life or business. 

This process is not only the foundation of your offer but also really what you will build your brand around. And Im going to teach you how to create yours for FREE on this free webinar happening just two weeks from now on February 17th! To sign up, all you have to do is head over to https://www.alisharobertson.com/webinar/

I believe that you are great at what you do. You have the experience, you’ve been able to get results for yourself and maybe a few other people. But when it comes to packaging up that knowledge in a way that is clear for your potential clients to understand, that is where things get a little rocky.

When i first started offering coaching services I was all over the place. So I started out coaching other ecommerce brands because thats what my background was in at the time. The problem is, I didn’t have a real offer. I sold one hour of my time for a whopping $35 and we basically got on the call and I answered any questions they had.

That worked for awhile but besides severely undervaluing my time, those calls had no real structure which meant we often ended up talking about all different types of things instead of putting together a real strategy. Which also often meant those one hour calls would turn into an hour and a half call or more. 

Needless to say they were all over the place and I was stressed! But over the years I learned, first and foremost how to price myself properly but also how to package up what I knew so that I was crystal clear on what i had to offer and exactly what i wanted to help my clients with. 

So this week I wanted to chat with you about the essentials of a great service offer! It’s about a lot more than opening up your calendar or putting up a pretty sales page. Its about of course the transformation you want to take your clients through, how you will take them through it and the tangible features they will receive by working with you!

Step One: Let’s talk about your offers focus. Who is that you want to help and how do you want to help them? The key here is to get crystal clear on the problem your offer will solve. You guys know how I think. One person, one problem, one offer! So whats the promise you’re selling? At the end of your time together, what will your client have accomplished?

Step Two: Your signature process. If you find that your offers are all over the place or if you often get off track during your clients calls. It may be because you dont have a clear process. That also could be the reason why you’re not booking as many clients as you’d hoped because they dont understand what your “path to success” looks like. Having a solid, proven process will ensure that you are staying on track with your clients, it will weed out those who may not be a good fit for your offer and it helps your client to clearly see what their journey is going to look like while working with you.

Its also great for brand building as well. If you want to stand out in your industry and be known for something very specific, your signature process will help with that. 

So dont forget about the free webinar that im teaching on Feb. 17th all about creating your signature process! Head over to alisharobertson.com/webinar to sign up!

Step Three: The Benefits! A lot of people are hesitant to work with a coach or with a web designer or with a social media strategist because they are worried that it won’t be worth it. It is your job to clearly explain to your potential clients what the benefits are of working with you. The key here is to take your audience pain points that they are currently experiencing and flip that into a benefit. 

For example, If i work with homeschooling moms, one of their pain points may be trying to find the time to homeschool and have time for themselves. So i would flip that and say “After working together you will have a solid schedule that allows you to give your kids the time they need but also time for you to rest and recharge.”

So take the pain points they are experiencing and simply flip it into a positive or a benefit!

Step Four: The features. The features are what are often considered the sexy part of your offer because these are the tangible assets that your offer will include. The features are things like, how many calls will they receive? How long will the calls be? What type of assets would you have to provide? So things like worksheets or workbooks or a welcome kit. This is where you will lay out again what they will actually receive.

Now the things with features, because they are the glamorous piece of your offer, its common that we get caught up in talking about just the features. But people don’t buy features. They buy results. Which means when you’re marketing and talking about your offer you need to focus on the benefits and sharing more of the transformation that will happen while working with you!

So those are the key elements of a great service offer! If you’re ready to create your offer or revamp an existing service, I would absolutely love to be your coach. Within The Purpose To Service Academy, i guide women just like you through the process of creating your irresistible service offer and crafting your marketing strategy so that you’re attracting those you would love to work with and consistently booking new clients! The great thing about the academy is that you can choose your adventure! So there is the membership which is a diy option for those who would rather go at it at their own pace or for those who need to spend a little more time brand building. And there is the accelerator option which is our group coaching option where I walk with you through the course and provide you with feedback on each step. Whichever path you decide, i would love to work with you! Head over to purposetoservice.co to sign up!

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