EP 138: 5 Ways To Add More Value To Your Offers

In this week’s episode, I share 5 ways that you can add more value into your offers so that you’re able to raise your rates!

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One of the things I will always stand behind is raising your rates. I want all of us to make more money this year and most importantly stop giving our genius away for basically free. 

But you can’t raise your rate if you’re not raising the value of your offer. Notice that I didn’t say to raise your rates based on your worth. Im sure you have heard someone say to CHARGE YOUR WORTH but as Jereisha Hawk says, you are priceless so charging your worth does not work, you need to charge based on your value.

When I first learned about value based pricing it really confused me a lot because everyone kept saying ADD VALUE, ADD VALUE but no one was explaining what value actually was! 

So value is how you’re going to help your client reach their desired outcome or get to the promise of your offer. So think about what you can add or offer that will help them hot that goal faster or make their process more seamless.

So lets talk about 5 different ways that you can add value to your offers!

  1. A clear promise or outcome. Your audience wants to know that you will help them get through their pain point and to where they want to be! An unclear promise not only will make potential clients hesitant to work with you but its also hard to put a higher price tag on an offer that feels all over the place. So what is your promise? What do you promise that your client will achieve after you work together?
  1. Have a clear, repeatable process. People will pay for convenience. Im a huge fan of google and youtube but there is nothing like having a proven process that you can follow that you know will work for you. Having your own process is a huge piece of value that people are willing to pay for!
  1. More time with you or your team. Your clients want your attention or attention from your team. I think more than ever now people are craving attention and community.
  2. Specific feedback. Again your clients want attention and they want to make sure they are on the right track when it comes to the work they are receiving from you. Providing that specific feedback on their sales page or on their book or whatever their niche may be is a great way to add more value to your offer.
  3. Resource library with templates.

Again, the value should really be centered around how you can easily help your client get to your offers promise. What can you do to make that process more simpler for them or make them feel like they are more supported?

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