Writer, Community Builder and Founder of Mind Body Brand

I help women entrepreneurs prioritize rest so that they can stop the cycle of stress and burnout.

I do this in 3 ways

Mind Body Brand

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5-Minute Reset Podcast

If you’re looking for permission to pause, this is it! Each 5-minute or less episode is designed to help you take a moment in your day to pause, rest and reflect.

Living Over Existing

The book that walks you through how to push past fear, defeat self-doubt, and unleash your God-given gift!

hey friends!

I’m Alisha Robertson


Entrepreneurship is hard af! But running a successful business while also prioritizing rest, your mental health or the people you love can often feel damn near impossible. After years of hustling non-stop and putting my mental health on the back burner, I hit a serious case of burnout that left me stuck and questioning my idea of success.

Today, I am focused on helping overwhelmed women entrepreneurs to break the cycle of stress and burnout.


Living Over Existing

Push Past Fear, Defeat Self Doubt, and Unleash Your God-Given Gift

In Living Over Existing, Alisha Robertson walks new and experienced women entrepreneurs through how to push past the most common mental barriers—like fear, imposter syndrome, and self-doubt—so that they can confidently and successfully put their God-given gifts out into the world. By candidly sharing her own journey and biblical scriptures that helped her to grow in her faith and out of fear and anxiety, Alisha aims to encourage other women to step out of just merely existing and into living a life of doing what they love.

Entrepreneurship is hard AF

Mind Body Brand is the only wellness newsletter that encourages overwhelmed women entrepreneurs to prioritize rest. Every Wednesday Alisha shares her thoughts about how to be a more intentional business owner plus her favorite wellness articles, podcasts, and products!

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